Creative Abundance

When we create together, we create better.

I do not believe creativity is merely some ethereal gift solely given to those of a special pedigree or as some irrelevant activity that does very little to contribute towards actual life and the substance of reality. I’m passionate about creativity and its ability to bring people together as well as contribute towards a larger cultural good. In fact, I believe it has largely to do with our anthropological design. It’s an innate desire of ours to create and contribute. The most effective art and design is art and design that actually connects people and connects with people.

Creative Abundance is our ethos here at Lifted. A spirit of overflowing creativity, inspiration, and cultivation is what I desire to be our mode of operation both within our studio and without. There has been enough, and in some spaces, still a negative energy of scarcity within our industry filled with competition, comparison, and criticism. I want to be an alternative that. I want to be a part of a solution.

As we continue to grow as a business and as individual creatives, I hope that we will stay true to this value and that it will leave a lasting mark on ourselves, as a studio, and hopefully, on this planet. When we create together, we create better.

Larry GanironAuthor